Where are the promised footpaths and parking?    

Another cloud over  Chappies ? Chapman’s Peak Footpaths

One cannot deny that the pedestrian boardwalk that bypasses  the new CPD Toll Plaza is a very fine structure for which permission was given by SANPARKs and the Dept of Environmental Affairs,  to extend into the World Heritage site as it does at the opposite side of the road.

Was it really the safety of pedestrians they had in mind or was it just more obfuscation to add to the list ?

 If you are not familiar with the CPD Saga -  The Cape Times ‘potted history of Chapman’s Peak Drive’ by Melanie Gosling gives the story so far which adds valuable background and you can see the full list of correspondence and documentation on site.

In a “Nut Shell”

From 2003 to 2004 an Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) oversaw the run up to the restoration of Chapman’s Peak Drive.  The committee consisted of community volunteers, chaired by independent consultants and amongst matters discussed was the safety of the many pedestrians, running, walking or simply enjoying a stroll along the Cape’s most scenic pass, many of which are tourists unfamiliar with the area.  In spite of resistance from the contractor and the Province it was agreed that adequate sidewalk paths would be created in due course for the safety of pedestrians.     THEY DID NOT MATERIALISE.

In 2004 due to various indeterminate issues at the time, such as the final location of the Toll Plaza/s, the EMC  ceased its overview role and things seemed to go “pear shaped”. A so called “temporary toll plaza” was constructed and several years later the toll concession was acquired by Murray and Roberts.

The main losers in the toll saga are the two communities of Hout Bay and Noordhoek who have effectively had a barrier placed between their communities by having had one third of their road access effectively privatised at todays’s current cost of R84 per return trip. Both communities are heavily dependant on tourism. Whilst access to the Lookout Point is free for Noordhoek visitors, it is not the case for Hout Bay’s residents and visitors.

The failure of the Province to fulfil its stated obligation to create sidewalks 10 years down the line clearly puts the integrity of the administration in question and raises the point :-

“Should we believe anything they tell us in the future?“

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The full story

Updated  2016-07-07