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Can we recover from a  man made
Ecological Disaster ?
“The river’s clear pure waters rise on Table Mountain, but it reaches the sea as the most polluted river in the South Peninsula”.

Learn more about the modern  history of the Hout Bay river.

Our ecosystems Our Natural Heritage:-

Ecological Disaster

On the Left is one of many signs that have been erected over the last few years. It is located on Hout Bay’s Beach which was once probably the safest beach for swimming in the Peninsula. There are no dangerous currents and during good weather the wind is invariably South East i.e. bathers are blown towards the shore.  However, the danger to swimmers comes from biological contamination from effluent entering the river’s lower reaches from a faulty or inadequate sewage reticulation system serving an informal settlement which continues to expand and compound the problems.

A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.