East Fort The old and new magazines Note :- You may have to allow “Blocked Content” on your PC or you may  not be able to see the gallery of  photographs on this site.

The FOP (1) is located in what was once the protective earthworks created to protect the  original Magazine built by the French in 1782. In (3&4) one can get an appreciation of its extent. It’s  remarkable to see what appear to be grape shot carefully place in the centre of the room in (4).  

(2) shows the  Association’s Magazine located in the village and which is under 24 hr surveillance.  (1) also shows the matching up of the camouflage patterns being applied to the original paint pattern long since faded.

East Fort’s Forward Observation Post

A nation that turns its back on its heritage, ignoring the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad, undermines the foundations of its future.






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