Our first restored gun 258

Our first gun restoration attempt was to create a concrete gun carriage for one of the guns. This had already been successfully done elsewhere  by Gerry de Vries  who carefully constructed a concrete carriage for us.  Gerry held a training course for our “Hout Bay Gunners”  and the stage was set for us to organise  events and firings on special occasions. And that’s how Hout Bay’s Military Heritage got on the map.  (The small platform was ultimately replaced by a formal “Gun Pit”.

A nation that turns its back on its heritage, ignoring the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad, undermines the foundations of its future.

The archaeologically disturbed area.

The picture (Right) shows the debris of the WWII prefabricated accommodation buildings that were bulldozed by the authorities over the edge of the site in the 1970s.. Most of the debris was subsequently cleared by the Park in 2011.

The new concrete carriage is shown to the right of the FOP at 5 o’clock  which is where the Gun Pit was subsequently located.

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