The “Gun Pit” Note :- You may have to allow “Blocked Content” on your PC or you may  not be able to see the gallery of  photographs on this site.

Once our prototype carriage had proved itself the next step was to build a “Gun Pit”  which is a semi formalised platform for a gun. The gun you see above in the process of being “run out” by gunners of the French Naval Ship “MARNE” was its first serious test during a 2005 Bastille Day celebration. A gun such as the one shown,  loaded with ordinance, would recoil about three metres. However as we do not fire any shot (round shot) the recoil is minimal. However it was a great thrill for our guests to “pull their weight”   (about 2 tons!)


A nation that turns its back on its heritage, ignoring the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad, undermines the foundations of its future.

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Traversing Platforms