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East Fort’s WWII “Pill Box” or Forward Observation Post (FOP) was built early in WWII and formed part of a reconnaissance network which communicated with the 9.2”” gun battery above Llandudno and similar batteries at Robben Island and Simon’s Town.  In 2001 the two story building was frequented by vagrants and partially filled with clay which had been eroded from the Earthworks which surround it and which originally protected a magazine built by the French Pondicherry Regiment. Like many other historic military sites it had been ignored by the heritage and Park authorities. The door had be stolen by scrap metal thieves and all the windows were smashed so some serious work was needed.  However, the Trust realised that it was the perfect location for a base to support the battery’s renovation activities, to store tools and other equipment. The first task was to clear out all the rubbish and clay and to fabricate a new door. This was done with the help of local engineer Mike Hann who also secured the entry boom at the CPD entrance to the site.


East Fort’s Forward Observation Post


A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.

We realised that to accommodate visitors,  basic services would be required such as toilets, water and electricity. Whilst Chapman’s Peak Drive was closed, the Assn took the trouble to make water and electricity available from Hout Bay, both terminated adjacent to the road reserve at their cost.

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