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Facing the Facts

GOING IT ALONE.   2001 - 2015

Though we have been frustrated by the the Park and the obfuscation of Government’s heritage agencies and authorities, we are none the less convinced that East Fort could one day become a superb Heritage Tourism destination, a unique irreplaceable International Heritage tourism asset. (In all we eventually identified 12 Government bodies having responsibility for the site, in one way or another, non of which expressed other than passing interest). The familiar response to our pleas for help was basically “We do not have any money neither do we have any staff”. Inferring that  it was someone else’s problem.   “Why not try so and so”.

No wonder Heritage Day  has been hijacked  and is now
National Braai Day.


A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.


East Fort will be lost unless we come up with a Sustainable Business Plan to maintain it and save it from destruction. We cannot rely on the Park or our Heritage Authorities to save it so we, the community, must come up with the solution. Where did we go wrong ?

Then and …. ……

….. Now!

In a Nutshell

What Happened - Fire

The First steps

Building the Carriages

The Original Plan

The Legal Mine Field

Facing the Facts

Losing our Heritage

Military heritage Route

Contemporariy Sites

Other Examples

Bo Kaap

Restoration v/s Conservation

The sixty year rule

Our Flagship site


In 2016 the popular Internet heritage news sheet “The Heritage Portal” announced that East Fort had been voted as one of the ten most threatened heritage sites in the country. (Click on picture right): -

To see the full story click on: - http://www.theheritageportal.co.za/thread/east-fort-hout-bay

Losing Heritage 266

Losing our heritage