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A nation that turns its back on its heritage, ignoring the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad, undermines the foundations of its future.

A result of the 2000 fire

Adjacent to the Historic site above Chapman’s Peak Drive is the old forester’s cottage which was constructed when Chapman’s Peak’s lower reaches were planted with Pines (Pinus Rediata) early in the 20th Century.  The House was a valuable asset to the site and could have underpinned the sensitive development of the site.  However, although worthy of recognition as a listed heritage building, it is State owned and not in any way insured, thus it has been left as a total loss and a ruin. Via the Association’s intervention Heritage Western Cape served a Compulsory Repair Order on the TMNP in Nov 2012 but no action has been forthcoming. A likely loss of at least R1M  or even R2M!


The Association sees the old Forester’s Cottage having a dual role. Firstly, following its external restoration, use as an on site office and store during the site restoration phase and secondly as a permanent residence for a janitor/site supervisor providing a full time presence.

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