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In a “Nut Shell”

The Lions Club of Hout Bay has run a “Craft Market” project on Hout Bay Common since 1987.
Their member volunteers have worked to a well managed roster and have developed an efficient administration which generates significant funds for charities in Hout Bay.

The Craft Market has become a popular draw card for visitors which include overseas as well domestic tourists and as a result is a significant contribution to the local economy.

As the popularity of the Market has increased,  the wear and tare on the site has increased and pedestrian traffic has taken its toll on the grassed surfaces. However, the grassed areas are not watered in the long Summer months and it is to be expected that such damage will result.  

Over a year ago the City refused to renew the lease for the Craft Market  which led to an impasse and an unpleasant confrontation situation.

The fact is Hout Bay’s Common has been downgraded over the years to that of a “Community Park”, which according to the City’s definition does not qualify for parking, watering or toilet facilities.
The Common is on Cape Town’s No1 Tourism Artery and the time is long overdue for the City to upgraded it to a District Park which will accommodate Hout Bay’s Tourist and community needs.  However, though slow, progress is encouraging…… read on.

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The long saga of a neglected Common’s upgrade.