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If you don’t use it you lose it!  Many heritage sites have been preserved in such a way as to protect them but at the same time make them available to tourists from home and abroad usually for a modest fee, some of which are illustrated below.

Mostert’s Mill in Mowbray was built in 1795 the same year that East Fort was upgraded by the British.  It was once in a very poor state but was restored by the Dept of Public Works twenty or more years ago.  The restoration of the mill and sails was done by a specialist mill restoration company from Holland and today it is the only authentic restoration of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Today it is lovingly maintained by the “Friends of Mostert’s Mill” and frequently open for visitors.

Mostert’s Mill The Chavonnes Battery

The Chavonnes Battery fired its inaugural salute on the on the 18th  September 1725 named in honour of  the then Governor of the Cape,  Maurice Pasque, Marquis de Chavonnes. Sadly Pasque fell ill and died only a few months after the Fort’s completion  aged 72.

You can read an official history of the site here.

Het Posthuys

The old c.1742 post house  at Muizenberg is one of South Africa’s oldest surviving buildings.  At one stage it was on the point of collapse and the site likely to be lost to developers but thanks to public support and the  Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society it has been saved.

Table Mountain National Park extends over 75% of the Peninsula and together with several other fynbos rich areas was proclaimed a World Heritage site for their bio-diversity and are funded as such.

Sadly they do not have any cultural heritage specialists or staff even though they have most of the Peninsula’s listed heritage and archaeological sites. However, a few of the sites have been very sensitively restored and protected such that tourists can enjoy their visits to them.

Table Mountain National Park - Cape Point


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A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.

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