The Peninsula’s most beautiful estuary ?         And the most polluted!  Challenge


In a “Nut Shell”

In 1607 when John Chapman, ship’s mate of the trader “Consent” landed in Hout Bay, Captain Middleton made an entry in the ships log reporting that it was a safe landing place and that the river provided abundant fresh water. That brief visit did not record any contact made with local inhabitants but within 100 years a lot changed including the removal of Hout Bay’s extensive forests. But that was only the start and worse was to come.  The theft of Hout Bay’s perennial water !

The following evidence is for the Court of Public Opinion - Only they can judge.

The Hout Bay River which rises from Table Mountain gave life to a unique valley to the South and helped to create a unique combination of ecosystems the only one of its five rivers that has not been extensively canalised in concrete.

It has to be saved, and only the will of the community can save it. They have to ‘come to the party…

….and that is Challenge

A nation that turns its back on its history, ignoring the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.

Hout Bay’ precious ecosystems.

TROUBLE ON THE HORIZON. Hout Bay’s river estuary and beach are a stunning sight for our residents and visitors, but few of them wander down the path that leads from Princess Bridge to the beach. Why is it that they don’t venture there?