Hout Bay’s Hot Button Issues

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Although, in the main, the solutions are common sense. To quote Premier Zille, some will require  “simple arithmetic and hard decisions”, however, they will all require incisive thinking and hard work.

In essence they make up the notice board to inform PUBLIC OPINION of the status of matters. If you know more than us - let us know so that we can get the message out as to whether we are winning or losing!  Public Opinion is a key component of democracy and an uninformed public as well as decision makers, cannot make prudent decisions.

The “Warts” are denoted by “Stickers” explained below,  but one or two are not all that bad and may just be “beauty spots” in disguise!

A word of caution, however, we’ll be trying to cover topics that affect all Hout Bay but we will not be championing sides resulting from differences between neighbours or the resolution  of normal  service delivery matters  -  that’s up to you to sort out with the City or Province.

1. What’s  the  problem in  a Nut Shell?
2. What  did or didn’t happen?
3. What can be done?
4. What  is/was  the Plan?
5. What was resolved?
6. Who deserves the praise?



Lack of action by those responsible needing urgent attention.

Important asset which is at risk due to decay, vandalism, missuse or lack of maintenance.

Community dispondency over matter which has dragged on without  forthcoming action.

Action which is clearly against the Law.

E.g. Dumping, demolishion, annexation of

land illegal abstraction of water etc.

Clearly requireing recourse to the Law for resolution.

Headway has been made, but still a long way to go.

The plan has been launched and steps are being made in earnest. Things are moving!

Background information to a

It you click on the glass (above) you will be taken to the GLOSSARY of Acronyms and terms.

Addressing those heritage matters that have fallen through  the cracks !