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The “Honourable Order of Hout Bay Artillerymen”

Escaped Chelsea Pensioners - Definitely not!

Hout Bay’s Gunners are mainly retired local residents who value Hout Bay’s Heritage and wish to make a tangible contribution in one way or another. Any donations or funds raised are ploughed back  into our Military Heritage Projects. There is no remuneration and they even have to help pay for their uniforms. However, their reward comes from participating in exciting events, the camaraderie  and friendships that the project has engendered.  They feel privileged to be ‘Hout Bay Gunners’, proud of their community with the knowledge that they are helping to save our heritage.  

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Gunner’, contact us via the enquiry form and give your contact details.

How does one become a Hout Bay Gunner - if you are interested and prepared to give your time - contact us.

Below:- Our Troop of Hout Bay’s Gunners shown here  (Left to Right)

Mike Kokhuis, Jeremy Hele, Keith Mackie, Allan Dellbridge, (visitor Marijke van den Berg), Dave Cowley, Chris Hudson, Robert Bruckner, Jorgen Dahl. (Not in picture:- Chris Everett, Mike Dellbridge, Isaac Crowster, Richard Dellbridge, Brian Smith, Colin Doyle & Scott Hewitt.

Membership of the “Honourable Order of Hout Bay Artillerymen” is accorded to those who are formally invited to fire one of East Fort’s Eight Cannons. Above Marijke van den Berg (Centre - Overseas Correspondent for Dutch TV) is accorded a salute by Hout Bay’s Gunners on the occasion of her recent visit.  Within hours of the event, Marijke transmitted a filmed sequence of an interview and firing back to Holland as part of their International news coverage for Christmas 2011.

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