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A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.

In a “Nut Shell”

Hout Bay is not only endowed with glorious natural scenery set within a World Heritage Site, it also has a sheltered anchorage and harbour with incredible development potential.  It is in fact the largest of the 12 small fishing harbours in the Western  Cape.  However, it is clear that fishing is in decline and  many of the people who live near the harbour, who have traditionally earned their living from fishing can no longer do so legally.

Twenty or more years ago Cape Town’s Waterfront was virtually a “No Go” area for visitors. Today it probably rates as Cape Town’s No 1 attraction.  Why is it that Hout Bay’s Harbour is so neglected and why are the many residents nearby who are willing to work to make the Hout Bay a better place deprived of employment opportunities?  

 The following evidence is for the Court of Public Opinion - Only they can judge.

A Tale of  Two Harbours

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