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Editorial Apr 2012

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South Africa’s ‘Heritage Day’ is on the 24th Sept each year. Somehow it seems to have lost its meaning and is considered just another ‘holiday’ and open season for all sorts of  sporting events , braaing competitions and political rallies having little or no heritage relevance.

This year the Hout Bay Heritage Assn deceided to observe the International World Heritage Day on the 18th April and it was particularly relevant to us as  East Fort, where it took place, is in a World Heritage Site.

As far as we know, there were no other celebrations held elsewhere in the country which was a sad reflection on our Heritage and Tourism Authorities who are quick to seize the Kudos of world heritage status but do little to encourage our citizens to value and participate in their inheritance.

Cape Town has the richest surviving heritage, both natural and cultural, of any City in our country. Table Mountain and Robben Island are World Heritage Sites. They are also tourism icons, and yet neither of these sites made any special public announcement. A sad reflection on their dedication to the ethos of conservation on their special day.

Whilst we invited several members of the TMNP management team, none attended the event. However, a few of our dedicated community members did attend and as a token of our thanks for our National Park two trees were planted (olea.africana) by prominent members of our community.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Lions Club of Hout Bay the event was a great success.