The National Geospatial Information (NGI) or, as it was previously known, the Trigonometrical Survey Office is responsible for the production of maps for the whole of South Africa.

This delightful early photograph of a surveyor making measurements from a trigonometrical beacon was obviously posed for the photographer. But in actual fact thousands of such beacons were needed to cover the entire country often in very remote and sometimes dangerous locations so our early surveyors often doubled as adventurous  and intrepid explorers!

The Trust’s members were very impressed by our dedicated guide and his obvious enthusiasm for the heritage of his profession. Like many other specialist museums, it is not supported in any way by our Dept of Arts and Culture which is a sad reflection on our Government’s narrow heritage conservation policies.  
At a time when the Government boasts its prowess at acquiring the International SKA project it is surely appropriate to acknowledge the achievements of previous South African mathematicians, scientists, astronomers, engineers and surveyors who have all contributed to the proud heritage that the Museum displays.